Ethereal Elegance Aromatics
Ethereal Elegance Aromatics
Ethereal Elegance Aromatics
Aset Wax Melt - Individual
Aset Wax Melt - Individual
Aset Wax Melt - Individual
Aset Wax Melt - Individual

Temple of Aset - Wax Melt - 1 oz.

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Introducing Temple of Aset Wax Melt,


A divine blend carefully curated to immerse you in the sacred sanctuary of the Goddess Isis. This enchanting blend is crafted to provide comfort during the moments of strong and volatile emotions experienced in motherhood, menstruation, menopause, or pregnancy. Allow it to accompany you in the birthing of new ideas and embrace it as a catalyst for personal rebirth. With its transformative qualities, Temple of Aset Wax Melt aids in divination and strengthens your connection to the universal source. It can also serve as a conduit for contacting past loved ones.


Inspired by the ancient Egyptian temples, our scent blend is a harmonious fusion of incenses used in sacred rituals, guided by intuitive wisdom bestowed by the goddess herself. The goddess of a thousand names, known as Aset in Egyptian (pronounced Au-Set), and revered as Isis in Greek mythology, she has been worshipped by Egyptians, Greeks, and even traces of her followers have been found among the Celts and in regions of Asia and India. Temples dedicated to Isis have been discovered in Rome, Pompeii, Spain, and the Greek Islands, attesting to her universal significance.


Infused within this blend are crystal chips that further enhance its mystical essence. Bloodstone, Peach Moonstone, Citrine, Blue Lace Agate, Onyx, and more crystals contribute their unique energies, amplifying the divine power of Temple of Aset Wax Melt.


Fragrance Notes:

Base: Immerse yourself in the earthy embrace of Teakwood, Cedarwood, and the smoldering essence of Burning Wood. Let the grounding aromas provide a strong foundation for your spiritual journey.


Middle: Awaken your senses with the allure of Amber, the delicate freshness of Fresh Rose, and the sweet embrace of Honey. Feel the vitality of Orchard Apples and experience the mystical allure of Dragon's Blood and Frankincense as they intertwine, invoking a sense of ancient wisdom and divine connection.


Top: Embrace the whispers of the ocean breeze, accompanied by the uplifting notes of Sweet Orange. Let the essence of Vintage Wine add a touch of elegance and celebration to your sacred space.



With Temple of Aset Wax Melt, step into the realm of the goddess and experience her nurturing presence. Allow the scent to transport you to the sanctuaries dedicated to Isis, where the wisdom of the ancients merges with the aromatic symphony of Teakwood, Cedarwood, Burning Wood, Amber, Fresh Rose, Honey, Orchard Apples, Dragon's Blood, Frankincense, Ocean Breeze, Sweet Orange, and Vintage Wine. Unleash the transformative power of the goddess and embark on a spiritual journey of profound connection and self-discovery.
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